Westgate One, Block 4 – Freeman

Our work at Westgate One has entered its final stage, following the successful completion of the third block or the 'Bedford building'. We are now moving onto the most complicated and congested element of the construction of this multi-block student accommodation project.

Having stayed on track since the beginning of this project in 2020, we're hoping that the Freeman building will be no different. Accounting for the spatial constraints and additional adjustments required to safely conduct the most logistically challenging works, we're currently programming the fourth block to be ready for the 2025/2026 academic year.

The Freeman building will sit close to the edge of Pound Lane, requiring the road to be closed to the general public and providing safe access for our deliveries and site activities. Prior to the build, consultations have taken place with residents and businesses close by, in order to minimise disruption to their day to day activities.

This stage requires lots of relocating and change of supplies and workspaces to accommodate the footprint of the final building. Due to further spatial restrictions, the use of forklifts will be replaced by a tower crane. Storage space for materials will be minimal, and all deliveries will be planned on a ‘just-in-time’ basis for distribution by our tower crane around the site. The site entrance for workers will be moved to the high street, using as little of the public pathway as possible in a busy area of Canterbury.

For conservation reasons, the design of Freeman along Pound Lane and it’s return into Sudbury Mews, will be more in keeping with the history of the surrounding area with more of a street scene feel to it. Timber sash windows, timber weatherboarding, sections of tile hanging and traditional slate roofing will add to its character within this popular location close to the Westgate Towers. Similarly M&E services have been designed so as not to be seen from the public highway, and extensive flat roof areas provide ample space for an array of PV panels to contribute to the buildings sustainability. With the assistance of Considine Ltd on the civil and structural engineering on the Freeman building, we have managed the logistics of erecting this building in such a small site space.

External landscaping of the area surrounding will link to the existing pathways and courtyards for more outdoor space for the students to use.

Thanks to our trusted relationships with the local community and the residents surrounding this area, we have progressed with this project in our usual timely fashion and we are immensely proud of the work we have done at this location.
Project Location
Canterbury, Kent
Paul Roberts Canterbury
OSG Architecture
JCT Design & Build 2016
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