Burnt Oak Junior School, Bexley

The project at Burnt Oak Junior School is another example of our ability to work with a live environment whilst on school grounds.

The works had to be carried out in several phases to facilitate the alterations and extensions whilst ensuring the school can continue functioning. This involved careful and considerate planning and liaison between our site team, the school’s staff, and the project team.

A temporary village of accommodation, classrooms and toilets were installed to allow the phase 1 demolition works to progress. The existing toilet facilities were then demolished to make way for the new hall extension. Phases 2-4 saw the refurbishment programmes throughout the rest of the school. This work was mainly sequential so that the school could take possession of newly completed areas without causing disruption to the children’s education before we could commence on following phases.

Whilst the internal alterations to the existing school were carried out, we simultaneously built the new part of the school. This extension provides a new hall with associated stores, a library, four new teaching classrooms and toilets for pupils and staff. The new hall neatly fits in to the recess at the back of the school where the existing toilets were once located. The library and teaching facilities are attached to the existing school and extend out towards the playing fields.

The final phase provides a new paved entrance to the front of the school together with boundary fencing, gates and planting. This work was carried out after the school had taken possession of the new building which allowed the temporary village to be removed and make way for the external works to be completed.
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